OKDOTHIS gives you lots of photo ideas, encourages creativity and image sharing

OKDOTHIS gives you lots of photo ideas, encourages creativity and image sharing

OKDOTHIS for iPhone is a new photo app that not only lets you take photos and share them, but gives you ideas for what those photos could be of. You can then share those photos with the OKDOTHIS community as well as view and download other people’s creations.

The main premise of OKDOTHIS is to encourage people to be creative with their photos. The main page lets you choose a “Do” that you’d like to particpate in. Just snap a photo, add a filter, and share it. If you come up with an interesting “Do” that you think others would be interested in, you can create one to share with others as well.

OKDOTHIS can import information from your Twitter or Facebook so you don’t have to create a profile but you still need to create an account with the service. After that you can start searching for friends and interacting with other users of the service.

If you happen to try out OKDOTHIS, let us know what you think! Have you found image ideas you never would have even thought of before?


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Gawker Train Engineer Was “Zoned Out” or Sleeping Before Deadly Crash: Report | io9 Ditch your frien

Gawker Train Engineer Was "Zoned Out" or Sleeping Before Deadly Crash: Report | io9 Ditch your friends. Science says they’re making you lazy. | Jalopnik Westboro Baptist Church Assholes Plan Paul Walker Funeral Protest | Jezebel Miss USA Hopeful Sues After Pageant Recruiter Requests Blow Jobs

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SONOS, Your New Monitor, Apple TV, Plus TV Deals Abound [Deals]

SONOS, Your New Monitor, Apple TV, Plus TV Deals Abound [Deals]

Grabbing your choice of SONOS Speaker from Amazon today will not only net you a free SONOS Bridge, but also a nice chunk of Amazon credit that varies depending on which speaker you buy. It’s a great excuse to outfit your home with the best, simplest wireless audio solution available. [Amazon]

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Robox is a Robot in a box that’s ‘not just a 3D printer’

Toward the end of the C Enterprise’s Kickstarter pitch, one employee explains the genesis of the product’s name, “it’s a robot in a box.” And thus the name Robox was born. The product’s probably more accurately described as a 3D printer trapped in what appears to be a toaster oven — though there are some caveats to that, too. See, the company’s jammed a lot of things into the device’s printer head, while also making the piece removable. That means there’s some interesting potential for future attachments that could make it possible to scan or mill with the thing. In the meantime, however, printing is the product’s primary focus, and the head features two nozzles: a thin one for the perimeter and a thick one for filling objects — a process it promises will speed things up considerably.

There’s also an auto-shutoff for the extruder, so you don’t get any dangling plastic pieces when the print is finished. At launch, Robox will support PLA and ABS, though the company’s also offering up a long list of potential compatible materials, including nylon, polycarbonate and PVA. Robox is set to retail for around $1,400, though early supporters will be able to snag one for $1,130.

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Can You Spot The 70-Year-Old Homesteader’s Shack Hiding In The Desert?

Can You Spot The 70-Year-Old Homesteader's Shack Hiding In The Desert?

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake this clapboard box in the middle of Joshua Tree for a mirage or digital illusion. Artist Philip K. Smith III added mirrored panels to the shack’s exterior, making Lucid Stead seem to hover in the landscape like a processing glitch. At night, when the sun goes down, it then transforms again—lit from within by bright LEDs. Photographer Lou Mora captured the shack in the light of day and under the cover of darkness. [notcot]

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IBM acquires Fiberlink as mobile-security strategy keystone

IBM announced on Wednesday an agreement to acquire Fiberlink Communications, saying the purchase is a key part of a broader mobile-security strategy to provide assurance in transactions conducted via devices such as iPhones and Android smartphones.

Fiberlink provides MDM (mobile device management) through its MaaS360 cloud-based offering, counting about 3,500 customers in industries that include financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. IBM’s director of application data and mobile security Caleb Barlow says the acquisition, expected to be concluded shortly, puts IBM on a path to compete with MDM vendors such as Symantec, AirWatch, MobileIron, and Good Technology.

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But Barlow also points out that Fiberlink should be considered part of IBM’s broader strategy for mobile-device security, which includes IBM’s recent acquisition of Trusteer, the security firm specializing in an anti-fraud, anti-malware approach that has been used in the banking industry in particular on the Web.

[SECURITY:ForeScout technology encourages security management info sharing]

Through Fiberlink and Trusteer combined, “which is the key part of this,”  he says, IBM intends to provide a type of trust assurance in transactions done on mobile devices in business-to-business or business-to-consumer communications. With the Fiberlink acquisition, IBM is also solidifying its approach to supporting Bring Your Own Device environments. 

Another recent IBM acquisition in the mobile management area is Worklight, which makes development tools for mobile applications, and it’s also a building block in IBM’s mobile security strategy overall, Barlow adds.

IBM’s intention is to develop a unified mobile-security framework through cloud- and agent-based means that provides not just management of devices but security checks against malware or device hijacking, for example, especially during any sensitive transaction process.

In addition, the goal would be to enable transmission of relevant mobile-device security-event information to IBM’s security information and event management tool, QRadar.

Barlow acknowledges there is “some overlap” in what Fiberlink can provide in application management and IBM’s managed mobile security service started two years ago. “But it’s fairly minimal,” he says. IBM’s main focus going forward is Apple iOS, and Android, “but we’re also looking at Windows Mobile.”

Ellen Messmer is senior editor at Network World, an IDG publication and website, where she covers news and technology trends related to information security. Twitter: MessmerE. E-mail: emessmer@nww.com

Read more about wide area network in Network World’s Wide Area Network section.

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Facebook Open Academy puts students on real coding projects for college credits

While books and lectures are essential, there’s nothing like real world experience, and that’s what Facebook’s Open Academy offers to budding software developers. The initiative, which debuted as a pilot program at Stanford, has now expanded to 22 universities’ computer science departments across the globe. It not only gives students a chance to work on real open source projects like Ruby On Rails and Mozilla Open Badges, it also pairs them up with mentors for guidance. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook’s using the program to hunt for gifted devs — or if young hopefuls see it as their entry into one of the best companies to work for. If you’d like to get involved, or bring the program to your university, check out the program’s Facebook page for contact information — but hurry, the 2014 winter session kicks off in February.

[Image credit: Facebook Open Academy]

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Mad Catz’ STRIKE M gaming keyboard folds up to fit in your pocket

Mad Catz STRIKE M gaming keyboard is tiny, but at least it fits in your pocket

Diminutive Bluetooth keyboards? Yeah, we’ve seen those before, but we’ve never really been able to fault them for their size. These tiny peripherals are meant for light work at best, but the Mad Catz STRIKE M wears a facade that outpaces its utility. From its skewed angles, to its collection of quick keys, under its backlit keycaps and behind the highlighted WASD keys — the STRIKE M wears the colors of a serious gaming keyboard. It isn’t one.

Excusing its appearance, the STRIKE M is actually a decent little HTPC keyboard. It has a suite of media keys, an embedded scrollwheel and even an thumb mousepad — but the actual keyboard layout is just too small to match its design language. Laying hands on the keyboard’s home row required us to mash our fingertips tightly together, offering a cramped, uncomfortable typing experience. These tiny keys leave no room for error, and require precision to a degree that makes the red-accented WASD seem ridiculous. Showing off the keyboard at Expand NY, Mad Catz’ representative actually agreed, saying it’s more of a media keyboard than a gaming one. Still, he showed us the one advantage its size offers: the device fits comfortably in a jacket pocket. It’s something, at least.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/11/11/mad-catz-strike-m-gaming-keyboard-is-tiny-but-at-least-it-fits/?ncid=rss_truncated
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Miley Cyrus & DJ Afrojack Sip on Greenhouse Goods in Amsterdam

Checking out some of the local goods, Miley Cyrus met up with DJ Afrojack at The Pancake House in Amsterdam on Thursday night (November 7).

The 20-year-old singer showed off her flawless skin as she kept it au natural in leather pants and a colorful coat.

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Who Got Voted Off ‘DWTS’ This Week?

The eighth week of Dancing with the Stars was brought to us by Cher. The iconic diva herself took Len Goodman’s place at the judging table, performed twice, and regally looked on as each of the remaining couples danced to one of her songs. She looked gorgeous, if a little dazed, and spent much of the night accepting compliments from awed contestants.   

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